Leadership is challenging.

If leadership were easy, everyone would be capable of running a Fortune 500 company, igniting a movement inside volunteer organizations, or creating heart transformation through their ministry. But we know it takes something unique.

For leaders, the demands never end, everyone counts on you for the right answers, and finding someone with the confidence to give you gainful and honest insight is truly a challenge. The pressure. The demands. The isolation.

Melton Leadership helps you strip away the pressure, get to the root of the issue, and take steps toward clarity, connection, and growth.







Melton Can Help

Over 48 Years Developing Leaders
After half a century of learning, listening, leading and coaching, Tom Melton leverages proven leadership principles and his hard-fought wisdom to help executives, strategic teams, and entire organizations solve complex problems and walk the path to better.

Melton Leadership Services

Solving the Rubix Cube of Leadership

1-On-1 Advising

Over coffee or at your office, you’ll feel the freedom to share challenges. Nonjudgmental in his questions and always with a splash of humor, Melton will help you examine the context of the problem, identify the key issues, and develop a practical plan forward that you can feel confident in.

Strategic Consulting

Whether your company needs to define it’s values, improve communication, or ease the transition of a merger, Melton helps teams connect with their values, clarify their direction, and grow their impact.

Team Workshops

When your employees are without the tools to effectively connect with their team or the organization’s vision, that leads to uninspired work and lost opportunities. Melton’s expertise in system dynamics will help rebuild those connections.

Trusted By

When it comes to relationship building and improving communication, Tom is the best we’ve ever worked with. He’s helped us develop our vision for the future and, most importantly, become friends with our employees and ownership group.

Dave Morton

Dave Morton

Andrisen Morton

Tom’s experience and ability to frame the leadership challenge helped us define our culture and promote effective and authentic leadership.

George H. Solich

George H. Solich

CEO & President, Four Point Energy

Tom has been a great friend and advisor for several years. We all get busy in our worlds and Tom does a tremendous job in keeping me aligned with what is truly important.

John Elway

John Elway

President / General Manager, Denver Broncos

Proper and effective leadership requires making numerous complex decisions. Tom is a trusted friend who as my mentor continues to guide me in overcoming the challenges I face as a leader.

Jeff Bzdelik

Jeff Bzdelik

Associate Head Coach, Houston Rockets

Tom has been a valued mentor, advisor, coach and friend. He understands the issues I face and helps me move forward when I find myself stuck or discouraged. Our time together has been a life-changer. It has brought a clearer vision for me as a leader.

Dr. Steven Blackwell

Dr. Steven Blackwell

Senior Pastor, Harvest Fellowship

“Serving and encouraging leaders is what I feel called to do. I know how it feels to have an organization in your hands and hundreds of people, thousands even, counting on you to make the right call. If I can help them be successful, we all win.”

– Dr. Tom Melton

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