1-On-1 Executive Advising

As good as you are,you want to be better

There are a few nagging issues you'd like to move beyond. The team is strong, but could be stronger. Or maybe there is something you need an outside perspective on.

Or heck, maybe, everything is on the brink. The board is breathing down your neck and you're running on empty, in the office and at home.

Melton knows the demands and has made plenty of his own mistakes - he's been the hero and he's been the goat. Through all of that, he's gained some hard-fought wisdom on how to walk a path toward greater connection, clarity, and growth.

Melton's Offer

Melton has success and knowledge in a lot of areas, but this isn't about peddling his own product or formula.

What's available to you with Melton is a partnership that can help and a friendship you can trust. He's ready to offer his wealth of experience and education, together with a few cards up his sleeve, to see you get where you want to go.

It's risk-free. Schedule a time to try it out and see if it's a good fit.

“I offer a look from the outside-in to help you lead from the inside-out.”

– Dr. Tom Melton


The Focus is on Your Goals

Where do you want to go? That's where you'll be headed. You'll have steps to start on after session 1.

You Can Customize it

You can have Melton on retainer, meet on a schedule or whenever its necessary, or try it once. The more committed, the more effective, but this journey is up to you.

Causes Over Symptoms

Melton will help you get to the root of the issue. He's got a knack pushing away the clutter so you can discover what's necessary for lasting change.

Discuss Personal or Professional

Each affects the other. You'll have the freedom to share issues impacting you inside and outside the office.

Complete Confidentiality

It should go without saying, but there is complete confidentiality in your sessions with Melton.

Further Resources

Melton can often offer further resources to help support your understanding and growth outside your sessions.

Start on
a path to better:

CONSIDER 1-On-1’s for YOUR Executive Team

Some organizations bring in Melton Leadership to meet 1-on-1 with their entire leadership teams. The offerings are the same, but the impact can be vast as each executive is given extra tools to better connect with each other, guide their teams toward the big picture, and become more effective.

Walk your organization down a path to better.

Tom has been a great friend and advisor for several years. We all get busy in our worlds and Tom does a tremendous job in keeping me aligned with what is truly important.

John Elway

John Elway

President / General Manager, Denver Broncos

Tom has been a valued mentor, advisor, coach and friend. He understands the issues I face and helps me move forward when I find myself stuck or discouraged. Our time together has been a life-changer. It has brought a clearer vision for me as a leader.

Dr. Steven Blackwell

Dr. Steven Blackwell

Senior Pastor, Harvest Fellowship