1-On-1 Advising

with Tom Melton
Leaders often find themselves a little isolated in their roles in business, family, and community. While they're often great at what they do, no one has all the answers.

Melton comes from an outside view to help leaders in organizations and companies get a clear picture of themselves, their challenges, and potential solutions. It's just like anything else - the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it.

Strategic Consulting

So your team can connect, clarify, and grow
Whether it's establishing (or rediscovering) the foundation of your organization or wrestling with the daily challenges of leading teams to new heights, Melton ability to cut through the many details to help locate the heart of the matter can be the difference between lackluster performance and an inspired success culture in your organization.

Let Melton's expertise in systems, team dynamics, and what makes individuals tick go to work for you.

Team Workshops

from an expert in systems and teams
Giving your team the tools to succeed individually and collectively is vital to taking them to the next level.

But relational dynamics, leadership transitions, mission changes, and difficult organizatioal circumstances can lead to uninspired work and lost opportunities.

This is where Melton thrives. He can offer a few extra tools to rebuild those connections.